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Handtail furniture is the creation of Ed Gardner, cabinet maker and joiner, who decided that to work with wood, it had to be beautiful, it had to be hand made, and it had to be made with the best materials available.

Based in Crouch End, North London, Handtail exists for the sheer pleasure of working with wood to create memorable, iconic, high quality furniture inspired by the 50’s design culture that brought us the Chrysler Building and the Raygun Gothic art & design movement.

The name ‘Handtail’ comes from the wood-working skill of cutting hand-made dovetails to join bits of wood – a job done by machines today, but still an important skill of any cabinet maker.

When Ed isn’t sanding, cutting or polishing, he is to be found many miles from the city in the wilds of Britain, Europe or further afield, following his passion for the great outdoors.

Close to the earth, part of the circle of life, Handtail is a creative, design-led business that produces high-quality furniture with a generous helping of love.

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Table 01

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Table 02

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Table 03

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Table 04

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Table 05

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Table 06

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